Breaking the Ice Presentation

The vision for the Imagining Possibilities initiative:

We seek to go beyond inclusion and create opportunities for community members to experience meaningful participation and true influence. We often don’t know what will emerge through the group creation process, and that is something we embrace fully. ADCID artists and the Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team have developed a style of creative improvisation which enables community members with AAC, to create stories as an ensemble, and is responsive to their physical realities. Together we are exploring ways of expressing these ideas in performance that is participatory for the audience member with physical and communication disabilities. We are developing the use of a new innovation, which we call “live scenography”, which helps us create immersive environments for community performance. This opens the chance for deep engagement of participants who can imagine themselves within the story, and become an integral part of the action. 

Sharing/Interactive Creation at the ISAAC 2016:

Based on the material that the Imagining Possibilities project will have created and explored by August 2016, we will create a participatory experience for the audience members. Our focus for this ISSAC performance is to further explore and develop the enabling conditions and possibilities for audience members who use AAC to meaningfully engage in participatory performance. We will create a dramatic space, where audience members who use AAC can feel comfortable, and meaningfully participate, providing a unique and compelling artistic experience for all.  We see it opening up possibilities for connecting to arts performance in ways that were previously thought not possible. This experience will also contribute to the ongoing development of a future performance at the end of 2016 at the new Artscape Sandbox in Toronto.

Integrating those attending the AAC Drama Camp and BCIC Gathering

ADCID will be facilitating the Drama AAC camp. We will also be running a drama workshop for AAC users the week before ISAAC at the Bliss Gathering in St. Catharines. During these workshops, the participants will be introduced to some of the processes and the world for the Work In Progress Sharing. This will prepare them to take a more active role in the sharing/interactive performance. Having participants with this familiarity with the work, will also help us to give more attention to audience members at the sharing who are completely new to drama and this kind of experience. 

Date: Sunday, August 7

Duration: 1 hr (6:30 pm to 7:30 pm) alternative time: 5-6pm 

Timing is flexible depending on what is most practical for AAC camp participants and other audience members