Zisize Forum Theatre Project


We assisted Zisize Educational Trust in Ingwavuma, KZN, South Africa, in developing an HIV/AIDS prevention project which involved Knowledge Exchange between management, staff, local youth and ADCID regarding youth vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS. This project engaged youth in critical thinking through interactive drama workshops and performances enhancing personal and community awareness in order to understand the effect of peer influence, gender roles and stereotypes on making healthy choices to reduce vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS. This project also engaged adults in the community through interactive performances, which explored community pressures that influence how adults communicate with youth regarding risk factors to HIV/AIDS. The Zisize Drama Project ran from 2006 to 2012, reaching over 2500 learners and 600 parent/carers, engaging them in critical reflection on healthy choices and relationships. The engagement helped Zisize build relationships and strengthen its presence in the school communities. These relationships helped facilitate the introduction of school mentors and peer- education programmes in local schools.