Zisize – Film-making


Some of the drama team we trained worked for Zisize Educational Trust for 7 years, and collaborated with a nurse as part of their peer influence and health choices workshops in schools. They had a passoin for the work, and in Particular Bhekumuzi Villani took a lead in driving local innovative projects to engage the youth and adults around healthy choices and community connections.

Using their own resources Bhekumuzi worked to develop a film in the community in 2013, not an easy task when electricity is often hard to access.

The uncle character is performed by Vilani, a Zisize Drama facilitator. The brother of Vilani plays the main boy character, and they have a video production friend. It was impressive to see what they did, with no outside input. They were without budget and used a simple camera. The actors are students from Ingwavuma High School and local community members - over the years they would all have seen ADCID's forum theatre play, and could use this experience to help act story. The film in isiZulu language, (as it rightly should be), so my challenge is to get word out to people outside of Ingwavuma. At the moment, just a couple of DVD's are circulating around families living in Ingwavuma. I am hoping to get subtitles, so that DVD's could be sold to raise money for the drama project. As you can see the DVD tells a story about 2 orphans. The girl is being abused by her uncle, because of which they children are forced to leave home They get involved with local criminals, as they decide to rob the uncle so they can get money to survive. At the end things turn out badly.