Engaging Possibilities

Engaging Possibilities is an innovative extension of the work with the Imagining Possibilities leadership team

Working across a range of locations we are engaging communities in St. Catharine, Hamilton and Brantford.

How we work together and honour our Values

Through the creative process, Aiding Dramatic Change’s team of artists provide a framework, and the participants drive the creation and content within the supporting processes. Each artist is using this lens of Influence as they work through their respective medium in collaboration with the participants. We have an ethical framework that outlines our values and guides our role in the process, in collaboration with local service providers. We spend considerable time deliberating how we can provide the most appropriate and enabling conditions so that groups can co-create together, and strengthen over time.

Considerations in our facilitation 

  • Inclusion – for ADCID inclusion not a radical concept, it is the basis for everything we do
  • Influence – the participants actively shape and hold meaning about the process
  • Time – participants are given the time to explore and express themselves
  • Listening – we engage and find ways to hear what is being expressed, through multiple pathways and modalities.
  • Emerging and shifting – processes must help the story adapt to the situation as it unfolds