CrossGEN: Connecting across Age & Culture


Through the participant driven project, the CrossGEN Network- of community members, interested in connecting across age and culture was formed. The project culminated in a community sharing at the Niagara Community Cup. Explorations proved to be productive in various ways, with emergent learning informing current and future developments of how the SDT process can enable community initiatives.



  • Engage newcomers in St Catharines and Fort Erie in dialogue.
  • Adapt Socio-Drama Topography to explore interactions happening in local areas.
  • Created CrossGEN Network and strategies for scaling.

How did this impact the community?

“ I feel more comfortable talking to older people like seniors. Seniors can understand us, the younger generation. I feel I am more outgoing and willing to begin a conversation. ”

Participant 17years old, St. Catharines, Ontario.

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We are developing new CrossGEN initiatives, which form the basis for expanding the Socio-Drama Topography approach.

CrossGEN ProjectStrategy Diagram Final