Oxfam WASH project


In 2012, ADCID collaborated with Tholulwazi Uzivikele (TU) to design an adapted Socio-Drama Topography (SDT) workshop, and implement into a regional water and sanitation initiative. The WASH project focused on increasing community resilience to water issues in Northern uMhibyalingana, an area covering 48 local areas, each with an induna (headman). After the workshops, participants reflect on insights gained and discuss suggestions and innovations to help address water issues. 

Organisational development with partners

Tholulwazi Uzivikele (TU) means “empower yourself through knowledge” in isiZulu language. In 2012, the organisation decided to realign its focus, and define its engagement in terms of community-based outcomes, instead of activity and service delivery. TU’s shift toward asset-based approaches, aligned closely with the development processes used by ADCID. We engaged the entire staff of TU in an experiential visioning workshop using participatory drama. The staff experienced first-hand, embodied process where they reflected on relevant issues using experiential learning and reflection. The insights staff gained helped TU in their internal conversations towards building and deepening existing engagement with community groups, and strategies for forming new partnerships from which TU could gain community-based learning.